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The following language is taken directly from the Settlement Agreement of March 6, 1991, which provided for the creation of the Commission and which states the original purpose, goals, and objectives of the Commission:

  1. To work together to study, identify and address common concerns and objectives with respect to water resources in the region, including the possibility of securing additional supplies of surface water for the region from upstream sources.
  2. To work together in a cooperative effort to maximize the utilization of waters provided to New Mexico and Texas through the Rio Grande Project in order to provide reliable and cost effective water supplies to meet current and projected long-term agricultural and municipal needs of the region. Subject to the availability of funding, this cooperative effort will include the following:
    1. a. an ongoing study of ways to harmonize and integrate the elements of each of the parties' water plans;
    2. b. study of and support for, where warranted by study, and where legally and contractually possible, changes in the facilities or operation of the Rio Grande Project in order to maximize conservation and use of the project waters to the benefit of all the parties, including carry-over of unused stored project water that EBID and El Paso County Water Improvement District No. 1 are entitled to from year to year;
    3. c. implementation of changes in operation of the Rio Grande Project to allow year-round delivery of project water;
    4. d. exchange of technical data available to the parties where permitted by law.

  3. Explore the feasibility of changing or clarifying those legal and intuitional requirements and constraints which impede the achievement of the above goals and objectives.
  4. Recommended Additional Clarification and Expansion Language -
    Following is the recommended clarification and expansion language which indicates the Commission's new direction and focus:
  5. Promote and recruit the active participation of other regional entities, which are identified by Commission Members as stakeholders in the Paso Del Norte Watershed, and assure continued participation by both irrigation districts.
  6. Provide a forum for routine and regular reporting on water resource related legislative and administrative actions within each respective state, and on the progress of water resource planning and design projects resulting from joint planning efforts within the Commission.
  7. Serve as a central clearinghouse (possibly including the establishment of an archival library) for review and monitoring of water resource plans and reports prepared by, or for the Commission Members.
  8. Provide governance and oversight to the Paso Del Norte Watershed Council and their mission to define, study, and implement environmental enhancements on the Rio Grande Project reach of the river and associated drains and riparian land.
  9. Provide a forum to promote cooperation and communication regardless of any litigation or other controversy among individual Commission members.


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